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Investing in what matters.

We believe in what matters. In great people, in hard work, and in the consistency it takes to deliver solid returns year after year. We believe in success, and we measure it by the companies we help build. At Peninsula Ventures, we believe in creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Because the ones who matter most are the entrepreneurs whose ideas keep moving the world ahead. VENTURE ON.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. We understand. That’s why we’re there to support you as you contend with the inevitable ups and downs of building a world-class business. After all, the road can be rough. But it’s always rewarding. Ultimately, it’s our goal to make certain we’re all successful.


The approach matters.

Working with early stage companies comes with many responsibilities. We think one of them is treating entrepreneurs with respect. Our entrepreneurs think of us as partners who care about their businesses. People who have a genuine interest and make contributions without adding stress. After all, building a business that matters is enough pressure already. We’re constantly searching for the next great market. The key to finding one, obviously, is knowing where to look. We leverage our experience with past investments and the insights we gain from working with different companies to help identify these markets and the new technologies that emerge. To us, being an investor means being an active part of an ecosystem that is changing right before our eyes.

Key Industry Sectors

We focus primarily on software, infrastructure, and core technology. Within these sectors there are a number of themes that are of particular interest. Of course, we don’t limit ourselves to these areas alone. We’re always willing to work with great ideas—and great entrepreneurs.

Early Stage Companies

We focus on the early stage because that’s where we can have the greatest impact and provide the most value to entrepreneurs. Not coincidentally, it’s also where great companies are made. Peninsula Ventures is an active and supportive investor, staying with a company from the early stage through a successful exit and beyond.

Capital Efficiency And Scale

We look for entrepreneurs who can spend capital efficiently and still build a business that has potential to scale. Part of that comes from the type of product or service they’re developing, and part of it comes from the culture they create. We believe that too much money can kill a company’s creativity, taking away the hunger and the drive that are essential for success.

Market: Disruptive Or Emerging

We evaluate companies in large markets that have the potential to be disruptive. And we evaluate companies in emerging markets that have the potential to grow rapidly. We believe that when great entrepreneurs pursue innovative solutions to significant problems in any market, revolutionary companies are born.

Advantage: High Barriers To Entry

We start by looking for a unique, first-to-market product or service with a sustainable advantage. Or we'll look for a fast follower with a competitive advantage that's strong enough to topple incumbents. If the company has advantages in place that create high barriers to entry, they have the advantages we need.

Geography: US-Based Companies

Location is important. But it's not everything. We're open to companies located anywhere in the United States, although we prefer those headquartered in the western US for a more effortless flow of information and ideas.


We have one goal: helping build innovative companies that deliver outstanding returns. With decades of venture and operational experience, we have the breadth and depth of knowledge to identify smart investment opportunities. The same goes for providing guidance to our entrepreneurs. Our experience and collaborative approach makes this team better suited to work with yours.

Greg Ennis

Over Greg's 25+ year venture career, he has invested in dozens of early stage technology companies. Prior to Peninsula Ventures, he served as Managing Director for the US office of Thompson Clive & Partners, a London-based venture firm. Greg holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and an AB in Economics and Political Science from Stanford University. He is also a Director and past President of the Stanford University Department of Athletics (DAPER) Investment Fund.

Ryan Keating

Ryan has advised and worked with 180+ early stage companies, several as the interim CFO. Ryan possesses an extensive financial and management consulting background from more than 20 years with venture-backed companies and large technology and management consulting firms including Microsoft, Salomon Smith Barney, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He attended Boston University, School of Management and holds a degree in Finance and Information Systems.



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